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Hints & Tips for Home Sellers

When it comes time to sell your home, there are many areas that will need your attention.

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  1. Find an Agent
    If you choose to hire the services of a real estate professional, where do you begin? Referrals from friends or family is always a good start. The Internet has become the best way to find and hire the services of an agent, because you can see how they promote listings on their web site. You want to place yourself in good hands, so be sure to hire an agent that uses the Internet to the fullest. Chances are, your home will sell because the buyer found you on the Internet or your agent's website.

    There are many ways to use the Internet to find an agent. The Peak Agents Network is one of the most reputable resources for locating real estate professionals in areas across Canada, USA, the UK and Australia. Be sure to take advantage of our Find an Agent section to contact a professional in your area-of-interest.
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  3. Prepare your Home (Staging)
    Try to look at your home, inside and out, through the eyes of a home buyer. A good idea may be to rent a mini storage unit, and pack as much as you can before you list your property.
    1. Clear all unnecessary items from your home.
    2. Bathroom: Remove any unnecessary items from countertops, tubs, shower stalls and bath tubs. Keep only your most needed items neatly in drawers or vanity. Coordinate towels and accessories to one or two colors only.
    3. Kitchen: Clear all unnecessary objects from countertops. Clear refrigerator door(s) of messages, pictures, etc.
    4. Walls: Fix holes and/or damage. Paint or re-paint rooms where necessary. Re-arrange pictures.
    5. Flooring: Clean your carpets. It may be a smart idea to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Repair/replace any damaged flooring.
    6. Windows: Wash windows, inside and out. Clean screens so they're free of dust and dirt. Wash window ledges.

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  4. Yard/Outside:
    1. Go around your yard and remove all garbage cans, discarded scraps, building materials, and put away children's toys.
    2. Check gutters for clogging. Clear roof moss.
    3. Prune bushes and trees. Keep plants neatly groomed.
    4. Weed your garden, and keep lawn freshly cut and fertilized.
    5. Stage patios or decks with only essential items (table, chairs, BBQ, etc.)
    6. Check paint condition of the house.
    7. Remember, "Curb Appeal" is very important. First impressions are lasting impressions.

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  5. Before Showings:
    1. Leave all lights on, and window coverings open.
    2. Make sure toilets are flushed and clean.
    3. Do a room-to-room cleaning (kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, rec rooms, etc.)
    4. Remove garbage throughout your entire home.
    5. Do not overuse air fresheners, but ensure your home is free from offensive odors.
    6. Vacuum and clean floors.
    7. In some cases, it is recommended to leave a radio turned on to a soothing radio station (classical music, spa sounds, etc.)

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Contact a Real Estate Professional:

Contacting a Realtor from your area who knows your market is a great first step. Below, select your Province and then your city:

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